A l p h a
O m e g a
E p s i l o n

B e t a    N u

C h a p t e r 


A u b u r n 

U n i v e r s i t y


Spring 2019 Recruitment is here and we can't wait to meet you! So what do you need to do? 

1. Mark your calendar

Jan 29: Information Night
Jan 31: Professional Night 
Feb 4: Game Night
Feb 6: Philanthropy Night 
Feb 8: Preference Night 

2. Come have fun & be yourself

We're all here to have fun, so don't stress! Just be yourself, and get ready for some get - to - know - you questions.

3. What to expect

Jan. 29 (Tuesday) : Information night
                                 Tonight we will learn about AΩE. This
                                 is a great night to  see if the sorority 
                                 is for you!

Jan. 31 (Thursday) : Professional Night
                                Tonight we will have fun interviews!
                                Don't worry, it won't be hard and the
                                questions will be fun ( e.g. What's
                                your favorite animal?) We do this to
                                get to know you better! 
Feb. 4 (Monday) : Game Night
                                Tongiht we're playing games! Think 
                                minute to win it, so make sure to
                                wear something you can move around

Feb. 6 (Wednesday) :Philanthropy Night
                                Tonight we will be learning about our   
                                philanthropy, Sheriff Girls Ranch. If 
                                you would like to donate clothing,  
                                  please bring it tonight!

Feb. 8 (Friday) : Preference Night
                               Tonight we will chat one last time
                               before giving you a bid if you're
                               accepted. We dress in nice clothing on 
                               this night (like gameday attire). 

Congratulations! You've read eveything, and you're ready(: