A l p h a
O m e g a
E p s i l o n

B e t a    N u

C h a p t e r 


A u b u r n 

U n i v e r s i t y




Fall 2018 Recruitment is here and we can't wait to meet you! So what do you need to do? 

1. Mark your calendar

2. Rock your fave look

This semester's recruitment theme is rock & roll. We would love for you to dress up with us! Come in band tees, grunge looks, and don't forget the eyeliner.

3. Have fun & be yourself

We're all here to have fun, so don't stress! Just be yourself, and get ready for some get - to - know - you questions.

4. What to expect

Sept. 11 (Tuesday) : Information night
                                 Tonight we will learn about AΩE. This
                                 is a great night to  see if the sorority 
                                 is for you! (Wear your Rock & Roll

Sept. 13(Thursday) : Professional Night
                                Tonight we will have fun interviews!
                                Don't worry, it won't be hard and the
                                questions will be fun ( e.g. What's
                                your favorite animal?) We do this to
                                get to know you better! (Wear your 
                                Rock & Roll attire!)
Sept. 17(Monday) : Game Night
                                Tongiht we're playing games! Think 
                                minute to win it, so make sure to
                                wear something you can move around
                                in!  (This is not a dress up night.) 

Sept. 19(Wednesday) :Philanthropy Night
                                Tonight we will be learning about our   
                                philanthropy, Sheriff Girls Ranch. If 
                                you would like to donate clothing,  
                                  please bring it tonight! (Wear your  
                                Rock & Roll attire!) 

Sept. 21(Friday) : Preference Night
                               Tonight we will chat one last time
                               before giving you a bid if you're
                               accepted. We dress in nice clothing on 
                               this night (like gameday attire). 

Congratulations! You've read eveything, and you're ready(: