Meet Our Executive Board and Chairs

Sydney Smith
Sydney is a Senior in Polymer & Fiber Engineering, Fiber Option. She oversees all chairs and chapter meetings.
Jessica Knezha
Jessica is a Senior in Software Engineering. She advises the Recruitment, Philanthropy, and Outreach Chairs.
Vice President
Faith Anderson
Faith is a Junior in Microbiology. She advises the Public Relations, Academic, and Professional Chairs and keeps minutes at each event.
Mollie Beth Osborn
Mollie Beth is a Junior in Materials Engineering. She advises the Fundraising, Merchandise, and Health & Wellness Chairs and oversees all fiscal responsibilities for our chapter.
Madison is a Junior in Molecular Biology. She welcomes new members into our organizations by presenting our values and goals in new and exciting ways. She also oversees the Social Chair.
Madison Armstrong
Membership Educator
Jill Joffe
Jill is a Senior in Aerospace Engineering. She plans academic events and holds study nights for our sisters. 
Academic Chair
Anna Vescio
Anna is a Junior in Materials Engineering. She oversees our fundraising events for both our chapter and for our philanthropy.
Fundraising Chair
Alycia is a Junior in Exercise Science. She ensures the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our sisters by holding events throughout the year.
Alycia Mcelyea
Health and Wellness Chair
Dani Moeller
Dani is a Sophomore in Sociology. She designs all merchandise for our chapter.
Merchandise Chair
Cassidy Allison
Cassidy is a Sophomore in Chemical Engineering. She plans all campus and community outreach.
Outreach Chair
Amanda Kramer
Amanda is a Junior in Industrial & Systems Engineering. She advises members about career opportunities and advises members on interview technique
Professional Chair
Annie Custodio
Annie is a Sophomore in Materials Engineering. She oversees all philanthropic events.
Philanthropy Chair
Cassidy Crossland
Cassidy is a Senior in Civil Engineering. She updates our website, social media accounts, and keeps other chapters up to date by writing our newsletter.
Public Relations Chair
Ellery is a Junior in Biochemistry. She oversees the organization and implementation of recruitment events.
Ellery Jones
Recruitment Chair
Maranda Tidwell
Maranda is a Junior in Chemical Engineering. She is in charge of planning all social events for the chapter.
Social Chair